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10 x 10 Tension Fabric Pillowcase Backdrop Display

A tension fabric display is typically defined as any display that utilizes a dye-sublimated knit-polyester fabric graphic, which is then pulled or stretched to fit or cover a pre-constructed frame. The method of graphic installation varies depending on the style of hardware purchased: some attach to the front/sides using hasp, some make use of rubber tubing to fit into channels in the hardware, and some envelop the hardware in its entirety (referred to as a "pillowcase" graphic)
  • PS-001



Product Description

Aluminum Tube Tension Fabric Portable Trade Show Display

fabric display.jpg

Trade Show Display.jpg

portable trade show display.jpg

Item  Portable Trade Show Display
Material Aluminum pipes and tension fabric 
Size 8ft,10ftx10ft,10x20ft,20ftx20ft etc.
Print Options Full Color
Printing Type Dye Sublimation
Placement Style Floor Standing

portable trade show display.jpg

Application:Tension fabric displays is a perfect solution for exhibitions, trade shows, road shows, seminars, or any event requiring quick and easy installation.Widely used for indoor & outdoor advertisement, trade show exhibits, events, special promotion, fairs, weddings, party etc.


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