About Printed Fabric Graphics

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About Printed Fabric Graphics

Thankfully and fortunately, advances in printing technology along with versatile traditional success of fabrics and textiles industry supports  an increased variety and quality of fabric choices have allowed digital printers to achieve colorful images and vibrant effect on fabric substrates. A dramatic increase in image quality makes SEG fabric frames an extremely popular display solution.

About Silicone Sewing

The last step in constructing an SEG fabric frame is to meet the printed fabric graphics with the aluminum frame.

Whereas traditional graphics systems relied on adhesive or Velcro to affix graphics to a frame, these methods were still complicated for installers, and ofter wear and tear over time. Instead, SEG displays use flat pieces of silicone that are sewn directly into the edge of the fabric and inserted into the narrow groove in the aluminum frame. The simplicity of this system makes installation and tear-down of SEG graphics quickly and simply—possible even for a single person to complete in only a minute or two;Just like Made In China clothes advantage,sewing machine and sewing technology,and professional seamers still existe in this sewing industry very mature and active