Aluminum Profile for Exhibition Booth--8 Way Upright Extrusion

Views: 28     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-01-27      Origin: Site


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As we all know, in a 3x3 modular exhibition booth, 8 way upright extrusion is an essential aluminum profile.
In type, 8 way upright extrusions are mainly divided into two types: big hole one and small hole one. Please refer to the picture below:


Their function is the same. And both of them are stable enough to support the booth. The former, we can say it is the standard type, and it is more popular in the market now. The latter can meet the requirement of clients who is looking for higher quality and stronger stability.
In color, the most common use color is silver. Other colors like white, black and red are also welcomed. 


The stock and package: