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Black Half Coupler Aluminum Truss Clamp

CL EXHIBIT clamps or couplers are a necessary accessories for lighting truss and that is why we offer a wide variety of these products covering all the standard size tubes used in aluminum truss production. All clamps are TUV certified
  • TC-5003



Product Description

Black Half Coupler Aluminum Truss Clamp

black Half Coupler Aluminum Truss Clamp
Material: Aluminum 6061-T6.
Loading Capacity: 200Kgs .
Diamter: 48-51mm.
Warranty: 3 year.
Color: silver,black.

Aluminum alloy anti-riot bar, mainly used in the concert / large-scale performance environment to control the crowd channel, isolated areas, or to protect important people or equipment, but also suitable for large-scale professional tourism, large-scale activities and so on. Mainly as a temporary fence role

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