CL EXHIBIT 3rd Season Selling Review

Views: 5     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-11-02      Origin: Site


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28th, Oct. 2017. Shanghai chelh exhibit industry Company hold a proseminar for the 3rd Season Selling Review.


Every company has 3-4 staffs to attend the meeting and one of these 3 staffs prepared a PPT and explain it on the meeting. The PPT includes the data of sales details from August to Oct. The self-evaluation for the last three month and the self-plan for next season. After the explain, there is four tutors to comment on your PPT and your plan Where are your advantages and disadvantages. How to be better. What is the best way.

It is worthful to attend this proseminal. Thanks for the four tutors to help us analyze ourselves.


Sometimes, when we put our body into one thing, we can’t know ourselves well. But the looker-on knows. So, if we try to share more, speak out more, that we can learn more.

 selling review.jpg

In today’s meeting, I am not the speaker, just a listener. However, I still harvest the fruits. How to be a good sales man. How to manage your time well. How to control your time. What I got today could help me to solve the existing problem and avoid the unpredictable difficult.