CL EXHIBIT Frameless Fabric LED Light Box

Views: 53     Author: william     Publish Time: 2017-04-25      Origin: Site


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Frameless fabric led light box is a new type of light box which the edges of the graphic are sewn with a silicone strip inserted into a narrow groove of fabric light box frame. It's easy to assembleand transport. It is made with a stylish appearance and even illumination. So it is widely used for big graphics display that catch customer's attention.

"CL EXHIBIT" frameless tension fabric light box can be made maximum 10ft high and 300ft long.

We have more than 100 kinds of fabric extrusion for light box, includes single sided and double sided. We can not only provide finished products, but also fabric frame only. The graphic used in frameless textile led light box is a silicone edge graphic(SEG),usually printed by dye sublimationwith no smell. For transformer, we have Mingwei, jingbo, jingxin, etc. famous brands and the quality is steady and reliable.

fabric frame.jpg

We have frameless light boxes either to be wall mounted, ceiling suspended, or free-standing. For the free-standing option, LED light boxes require heavy duty feet to guarantee stability. Fabric led light box is suited for retail stores, offices, art galleries, museum and trade shows.

Looking for a unique display effect, please feel free to contact us.