CL Truss project case in Japan

Views: 10     Author: william     Publish Time: 2017-12-26      Origin: Site


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In November, we had a nice meeting with a Japanese customer for their coming event in Dec.


For this case, the most challenging part is the tight time schedule. We only have 2 weeks from the day of inquiry to the day our client receiving the goods in Japan.


Our client works so efficiently. As soon as he got our quick response, he flow from Japan to Shanghai to visit our factory.

After he visited our factory, he felt satisfied with the quality, and he praised the smart connection of each part.


Later we checked every detail with our clients and production department and made a production plan to make sure the project goes smoothly.


Since we have many truss solution cases and one of these is similar as the one our client need.

The only problem for his drawing is the roof angle. It's nearly flat which may not good to drain the rainwater. Our professional team worked out the most suitable height according to our experience.

Our client confirmed the order quickly and arranged the deposit.


The event went thorough very smoothly and our client is very happy with our quality and service.

If you are interested in our truss products or other performance products like stage, stairs, etc., please contact us for more details.