China International Import Expo

Views: 0     Author: Yuki     Publish Time: 2021-10-31      Origin: Site


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The fourth session of the Fair will be held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from November 5 to 10. China International Import Expo (CIIE, abbreviation: CIIE), referred to as "Import Expo" "Into the Expo", etc., by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and Shanghai Municipal People's Government, China International Import Expo Bureau, the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) to host the world's first national exhibition with the theme of imports.

Organizing the China International Import Expo is personally planned, proposed, deployed and promoted by President Xi Jinping, which is a major decision made by China with an eye on promoting a new round of high-level opening to the outside world and a major initiative of China to open its market to the world.

With the epidemic situation at home and abroad not yet fully resolved, the launch of the Fair is tantamount to telling the world that China has the ability and certainty to safeguard the health of exhibitors while holding world exhibitions. With the impact on the exhibition industry all over the world, China's exhibition is still in full swing and can invite exhibitors from all over the world to participate in this grand event.

The green China on the earth in the logo of the Fair reflects the green development concept of "green water and green mountains are the silver mountain of gold". In line with the green concept of the exhibition, the exhibition industry is also gradually implementing the concept of green environmental protection. More and more exhibition companies are using green profiles to build exhibition booths for different exhibitions. As a company in the exhibition industry for more than ten years, our company (Shanghai Lushang Industrial Co., Ltd.) is deeply aware of the importance of environmentally friendly green profiles. Using aluminum profile as the product frame, high precision thermal transfer printing screen, a profile, only need to print the suitable screen in the suitable exhibition, direct replacement can be. Reusable exhibition frame, the exhibition is over, can be directly disassembled and brought back. The light and portable feature of aluminum profile also brings great convenience for exhibitors to dismantle the exhibition stand, pack it and bring it back for reuse. Unlike the previous wooden exhibition stands, there is no way to reuse them, and they will also leave a lot of waste at the end of the exhibition, causing great pollution. The aluminum display stand with replaceable canvas has the great advantage of avoiding these problems and also caters to the concept of environmental protection. It is also more distinctive and becomes the brightest presence in the exhibition.