Choose a door for your exhibition stand

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2014-09-08      Origin: Site


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Choose a door for your exhibition stand
For meeting requirements of clients and making every exhibition stand well, we collect different door for exhibition stands use for everyone reference here:
1) PVC folding door: it is the most popular door for exhibition stand use. As you seen, it can be folded, easy for transporting and convenient to install. There are two normal color for choosing: white and yellow. It can be fixed with shell scheme booth system, also can be fixed with Maxima system.

2) Aluminum frame door: it is developed by our production dept as a client wants to lock the storage room of their exhibition booth easily. And normally PVC folding door is without lock. It also can be fixed with kinds of aluminum extrusions(uprights, beams, 40mm/80mm/100mm/120mm Maxima system).

3)       If clients request more firm door, which just as Home-Furnishing-door, we also can provide it. The cost is higher than above two exhibition doors.