Considerations For Stage Building

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                                                                                    Aluminum Stages Building

A portable platform stage is necessary in an event. We have to take into account the environments including the lighting, the viewing angle of the audience, the stage stability, aisle quantity and many other details. The most important consideration is the safety of the stage.

Lighting: If it is a night show, you should consider the convenience of electricity and avoid the transmission line pass through the auditorium. Or it will cause security risks and increase the cost of performance.
Viewing angle of the audience: We should make sure the stage have an appropriate height. We should adjust the height of the stage according to the length of the auditorium. The longer auditorium is, the higher stage should be.
Aisle quantity: We should leave enough aisles considering the number of actors and the program requirements. For the convenience of withdrawal, the channel should not be designed as a staircase. Instead, it is better to design it as a ramp way to avoid crowding during withdrawal.
Stage stability: The material of the modular stage is very important. It should have appropriate weight capacity to guarantee the safety of the stage. It is a difficult problem when you need to strengthen the parts if some parts fell in.