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Custom Shape Aluminium Frameless Fabric Light Box Display

• Easy to assemble
• Interchangeable tensioned fabric graphics
• High-impact visual effect
• Illuminated (optional)
  • Tension Fabric Systems

Product Description


A tension fabric frame system is traditionally regarded as a banner used for kinds of exhibition, events and retail shops, while with years of developing it was found to have more roles to play in our life, as long as you understand how to apply them.
Office decorating is an important role it's playing nowadays. 
It can be used as room divider which can replace traditional wall but with the function of decoration at the same time, as well as with replaceable graphics which can be changed easily.
It can be used to form a private area for meeting and negotiating with an arch structure which is special.
It can also be made with different shapes standing in different places of your office to be a beautiful scenery as it can achieve.

See easy set-up video


MaterialAluminum frame, printed fabric

ApplicationOffice,home, museum etc.

PackingFlight case/carton case

Graphics ReplacementAvailable

PrintingDye sublimation

FeatureFast setup,portable,eco-friendly

tension fabric frame              
fabric frame display      

Protective Flight Case

Are you still worrying about carrying a heavy stand with you? Why not choose a flight case instead?

A flight case is perfect for transportation and popular among kinds of trade shows and events.

Strong panels with thick foam can protect frames with LED lights inside well, wheels at bottom will free your hands, both you and your stand deserves one!

faric frame   hanging decoration lightbox   free standing light box
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