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Customized 420g Single Yarn Trade Show Carpet Tiles For Your Trade Show Display

The most important thing about trade show carpeting is that it is neat and comfortable, and simply using a bare floor will not only get dirtier the more you step on it, but it will also make your booth look out of place. Exhibitors come back and forth to select products, communication, soft and comfortable, clean carpet can not only make exhibitors feel comfortable, at the same time when you stand in the booth for a long time will also relieve the labor.
  • Floor System



Product Description


1. Aesthetic point of view: beautify and decorate the environment: due to the different colors of the carpet, the booth carpet can give people a good state of mind.

2. Easy to install and lay: it is suitable for combining with the exhibition booths and products displayed on the site to match and play a monotonous role.

3. Sound absorption and sound insulation: carpet has better sound absorption and sound insulation effect compared with other flooring materials.

4. Warmth preservation: people step on the hard floor with a layer of cold feeling, especially in winter. Although there is a heater in the exhibition hall, if you lay a carpet on the floor of the booth, the exhibitors will feel comfortable when they stop to communicate with each other and their feet are comfortable at the same time.

5. Safety: walking on the carpet, not easy to slip and fall, even if the fall is not easy to be injured.

6. Purifying indoor air: the dust and bacteria in the air of the exhibition hall will be adsorbed by the carpet, thus reducing the flow of dust and germs. The use of exhibition carpet by a large number of exhibitors can have the effect of purifying the air and improving the air quality in the exhibition hall.

7. From ancient times to nowadays, carpet is also regarded as the most high-grade, the most ideal floor covering material, is the living standard, grade, regarded as the improvement of the performance.



Name Trade show carpet
Surface Yarn Cut-pile carpet
Blanket weight 420g,650g,800g,950g
Backing Rubber
Width 2m
Length Customized
Design Customized patterns and company, Brand logos, etc.
Application Exhibitions, Exhibition halls,   Ceremonial activities, Opening ceremonies,
Performing arts activities and other public places.


420g,Single Yarn


650g,Bent Yarn


800g,Straight Yarn Twisting


950g,Straight Yarn Twisting

Shipping Method


Company Profile

Since 2008, Shanghai Chleh Exhibit has been a leading manufacturer of aluminum-based exhibit booths, graphic printing, and SEG solutions. We take pride in the fact that our products are built to last and very popular in USA and UK exhibition markets. We have 35 workers who are dedicated to making sure that your booth is exactly what you want it to be. Our graphic printing team is dedicated to making sure that your graphics are perfect before they go up on display. Our SEG solutions team will work with you to create a custom solution that fits your needs and budget as well as your space requirements. Our goal is to provide you with an incredible experience for your each trade show with us.

Please send us artwork by drop box or we transfer to:  operations@clexhibit.com

Artworkrequirement:  CMYK colors only, At least 100 dpi, pdf or AI file

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