Do You Know What Is Segbooth?

Views: 0     Author: Yuki     Publish Time: 2021-10-31      Origin: Site


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SEGBOOTH, as a new type of environmental protection exhibition stand, has been gradually applied in domestic and international exhibitions. In recent years, the concept of environmental protection has become the primary starting point for the production and life of the public, and people are paying more and more attention to the protection of the environment. As a place of economic exchange, many exhibitors have started to consider the use of environmental profiles when they build their own branded booths in the exhibition halls. The traditional wooden exhibition stand is obviously not quite in line with the public demand for environmental protection. At the end of the exhibition, most of the pavilions using traditional wooden exhibition stands would leave a lot of garbage, and the exhibition stands that could not be used twice would also increase the cost of exhibitors. At this time, environmentally friendly and reusable exhibition stands are the consideration of many exhibitors.

SEGBOOTH uses a simple and easy to carry cardboard profile with replaceable heat transfer screen, which can be taken away for multiple uses at the end of the show and saves the cost of building the show. The light and simple profile can be set up completely by yourself, and with the high definition canvas, it can be set up successfully in minutes. And SEGBOOTH can choose to match with the use of LED light bar to light up the display stand directly and add color to your booth.

Our company has been using SEG technology to make various types of exhibition stands since its establishment in 2008, and we really started to make SEG Booth exhibition stands in 2015. Different styles of SEGBOOTH are involved to meet the many needs of our customers and to display their products and brand concepts in a multi-element way. At present, our customers cover many popular industries such as bicycle, video, textile, e-cigarette, digital technology, etc., and have won wide acclaim from our customers. The most common products have also evolved from simple combined cardboard lightboxes to full-screen, nestable TV SEGBOOTH, small room, HD50, etc., greatly meeting the different needs of different customers.

During the epidemic live economy and the gradual rise of home office, SEGBOOTH was found to be used for video shooting background, zoom conference background, youtube video shooting background, conference background and so on, replacing virtual with real, real touch to provide comfort and confidence to the people in front of the booth background.