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Durable Galvanized Steel Temporary Modular Grandstands for Sale

A really important advantage of all stages built with the Layher Event System is the possibility of compensating an uneven surface with maximum precision and stability. From a simple stand to a completely covered stage – the huge variety in the Layher product assortment means we can provide a solution for every situation.
  • LS-S101

Product Description


The audience stands is made of layer truss, it has high stability, each layer is 1 meter high, the general height of 0.4 meters on each floor increase,  the other height can be customized according to customer requirements.


Product Name Platform Size Adjustable Height Available Finish
Layer Stage 4ftx4ft,8ftx8tf adjusted to 24", 32", 40" , 48" and 92" high industrial finish and wooden panel

layer stage 

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