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Easy Set-up Weather Resistant Height Adjustable Modular 4ftx4ft All Terrain Stage for Outdoor Event

4ftx4ft, 4ftx8ft, 3.3ftx3.3ft, 3.3ftx6.6ft or customized platform size available. 18mm anti-slip plywood panel Adjustable height for uneven surfaces Loading ability is up to 750kg/sq.m Easy to set-up and dismantle by 2 people Steps, ramps, stage skirts and guardrails are available
  • AS-001



Truss Description


Assemble stage is one of the most popular stage. It’s modular and height adjustable, and it’s widely used outdoor on uneven ground. Assemble stage is made of stage panel, stage frame, stage leg and adjustable base. The dimension grows based on unit size 4’x4’ , and height is adjustable from 24’’ to 44’’, 28’’ to 48’’, etc. (height range from 24’’ to 92’’ are both available for us) Assemble stage can support weight up to 750kg/sq.m. It’s weather resistant, lightweight and durable. 2 people could assemble and dismantle it easily. Matching accessories includes steps, ramps, stage skirts and guardrails, etc.

See easy set-up video


Product Name Platform Size Adjustable Height Available Finish Stage Accessories
All-terrain Stage 4ftx4ft,3ftx3tf,4ftx8ft adjusted to 24", 32", 40" , 48" and 92" high industrial finish and weather-proof finishes. Stairs, guardrails, skirts are available.

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Installation Instruction

Our smart stage is fast and easy to install. Put the 4 legs in places, then add the side support panels to create a square frame. Place the panel inside the frame, then you finish building for one basic stage. In the same way, you can expand the length and width by adding adjustable legs, side supports and the stage panels, so that the stage size could grow indefinitely.

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