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Eco-frinedly Aluminum Frame Trade Fair Illuminating Storage Booth with Door

Engineered Aluminum Structure Large Format Dye Sublimation Printed Tension Fabric Closet with Full-size Door Replaceable Fabric Graphics High-impact Visual Effect Illuminated (optional)
  • D-C026



Product Description


An SEG sqaure tower is a new element we added into our backlit stand systems these two years, getting popular at the begining when it comes out proved how intelligent this idea is!

20 years' experience working on varities of frames, no matter a small, large, tall or a customized closet is needed, we can meet your varities of demands.

A tension fabric tower with your logo printed on, let's shine your brand with the functional tower!

See easy set-up video


Storage Closet Dimensions Weight Packing Graphics Replacement Printing Case Dimensions
4'x8'x20' 352.7 lbs. Flight case Available Dye sublimation 51"W x 16"D x 12"H

booth storage               storage closet         

Protective Flight Case

Are you still worrying about carrying a heavy stand with you? Why not choose a flight case instead?

A flight case is perfect for transportation and popular among kinds of trade shows and events.

Strong panels with thick foam can protect frames with LED lights inside well, wheels at bottom will free your hands, both you and your stand deserves one!



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