Exhibition Booth Use Tension Locks

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Tension lock is used to lock and unlock upright and beam, as one of basic accessories for exhibition booth, it plays an important role in the whole project.
There are different kindly of tension lock, except for common used straight tension lock and high position tension lock, other locks such as wide tension lock, curved tension lock can also be applied into the booth.


There are two kinds of common straight tension locks, they are different in materials, iron alloy tension lock and zinc alloy tension lock. The former is very durable in use and economical while the latter is more durable, price is a little higher.
Other kinds of tension lock:

Curved tension lock is used for curved beam, to make some changes for booth.
Wide tension lock needs to mate with 70 mm beam, to fulfill the empty part in the beam.
High tension lock is used to connect square lights.
45 degree tension lock is used to work with 45 degree beam.
Our tension locks are of high quality, one tension lock is of 200 kg's weight tension capacity, and can use 1500 times for use life guarantee. And they sell well in the world market, if you are interested in, feel free to contact us please.