How Can You Improve Your Trade Show Display For Texworld USA Summer 2022?

Views: 0     Author: Yuki     Publish Time: 2022-06-29      Origin: Site


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Name:Texworld USA Summer 2022


Space:New York City, New York

Considering the great changes in the real environment, Texworld carries out the offline exhibition in combination with the online virtual exhibition, which can not only meet the needs of the majority of suppliers and customers, but also guarantee the smooth running of the exhibition, which has been well received by the exhibitors in the past.

Texworld invites top designers and suppliers to create the most up-to-date clothing styles with strong cooperation, a field where creativity and creators meet. With such a quality show, not only is there a wide range of clothing, the show, booth layout also complements the style of clothing.

For example, for this clothing brand which is on the side of casual denim style, our company, according to the customer's demand, will print the model and the brand in high definition through thermal transfer technology for the picture, so that the product features will leap onto the canvas, with light and exquisite aluminum profiles, so that people can see it at a glance, and also more able to catch the customer's eye. Excellent designers can design beautiful clothes and put the design on the screen to attract customers from a distance.

Regardless of the background arrangement of offline exhibition booths, online exhibitions can also use our company's existing SEG exhibition display. When communicating in online videos, don't use the same old white backdrop anymore, the exquisite exhibition stand makes you stand out instantly and steal the show.


More and more brands are choosing to use high-standard exhibition stands as the first step to attract attention at trade shows. The SEG trade show table with products, a tall product backdrop, surrounded by a combination of easy-to-use and double-sided poster stands, play the best promotional role. At the same time, the luminous product backdrop will reflect the clothing more full of charm.


As a company that has been operating exhibition services for more than ten years, Shanghai Chleh Exhibit's trade show display in repurchase from old customers and assured purchase from new customers are our biggest cards.

We wish Texworld USA Summer 2022 a success and look forward to more cooperation with Texworld USA exhibitors.