How To Be A Good Salesman

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-08-24      Origin: Site


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Are you a good salesman and How to be?

From my opinion, the followed these three qualities are necessary: professional, clear mind, high level of ethic.

Professioanl: If we want to sell our products,the first thing is to understand the products well. Just like we shopping something.We just tell the person what we want and what details we need. They will introduce the best one to us. just like we have 10 years experience in exhibition & performance equipment in eastern shanghai, we must know every details about our stage, truss and booth. such as size, material, function and warranty.

Clear mind: As a sales man, so many thins have to be done in one day, one month, one year. We can make a detailed list from the urgence and importance. Then finishing our task one by one. It's a kind of high efficiency working method. Keeping a clear mind all the time and remembering the cpecific customer matched the detail information, these also are the performance of professional.

High level of ethic: This include the professioanl ethic and moral standing. Although customers are the god, however we are not the slave. What we have to do is help the customer to find the suitable producta for them, but we can't promise anything to customers without any rules. As for moral standing, it's the most improtant quality but with the least words. No matter what career you are, moral standing is indispensable and foundational.

That's what I want to state today. Do you have any points to supply?