How To Choose The Stage Height

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aluminum stage aplication
There are several aluminum modular stage height: 20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm.

The 20cm high stages are generally used for small and medium-sized activities or indoor activities.
The sponsor of a promotion activity, birthday party or company annual meeting hope to be able to connect with the audience closer.
They will not choose a high stage and 20cm high stage is suitable.
The indoor portable stage is not too high, but if the interior space is large and high enough, then we can choose higher stage.
The most widely used aluminum modular stage is 40cm high stage. It is suitable for opening ceremony, foundation laying ceremony or large company annual event, etc.
The 60cm height of the stage is applicable for events held in a large area which many people joined. In order to make the front of the audiences don’t block the audience’s sight at the back, so they choose the 60cm high stage. There are certain special occasions which needs to build higher stage, such as fans meeting, concerts and other big events.