How much do you know about the standard booth?

Views: 83     Author: william     Publish Time: 2017-03-28      Origin: Site


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9 square meters exhibition booth is the most common standard exhibition stall, booth length and width of 3 meters, height of 2.5 meters, the booth is generally responsible for the organizers to build, exhibitors only need to carry out the day before the exhibition with the relevant exhibition information !

Shell scheme booth usually is made of several parts as following:

 standard booth.jpg

1. 3 sides exhibition partition walls, General 1 side of the exhibition wall every 1 meter to add a 8 way upright extrusion.

2. 1 pieces of fascia board for posting enterprise name and LOGO.

3. 1 reception desk.

4. 2 chairs.

5. 6 spot light.

6. exhibition carpet.

7. 1 waste bin.   

Shell scheme stands is widely used in exhibition booth, trade show, event etc.