How to Choose Suitable Panel for Standard Exhibition Booth

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-12-01      Origin: Site


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As one of the important parts of standard exhibition booth, panel has a great influence on the booth, from both beautiful and practical respects.
In general, there are two kinds of panels being widely used in exhibition booth industry: MDF panel and PVC panel. The latter can be divided into normal quality PVC panel and high quality PVC panel.
1. Melamine Middle Density Fiberboard, we usually call it MDF panel.

By comparing, we can find MDF panel and PVC panel have their respective advantages and weakness. Both of them are popular in the market, we can choose the suitable one according to our detailed requirement. If we want to make the exhibition booth economical, MDF is ok. If we have high demands on quality, PVC panel, especially high quality PVC panel is a better choice.