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LED Signage Controller

An intelligent dimmer specially designed for LED lighting. It adopts the most advanced PWM (pulse-width-modulation) digital brightness-adjusting technology that enables you to adjust the brightness with the infinite knob. You can also adjust the brightness from a distance with the IR wireless controller. It is suitable for installation on commercial and household 86-style socket. You can install it visibly next to your light box or invisibly inside your lightbox. Suitable to dim high power and low power LED lamps, it can meet different brightness requirements and help you extend the LED life span and save energy.
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Product Description

LED Dimmer
Input PowerDC12v-DC48v
Outdoor SignageConstant voltage PWM
Max Load Current6A
Output Power72W/144W/216W/288W(12V/24V//36V/48V) 
Dimming Range0~100%
Grey Step4096 levels
Switch Size87×87mm(LxH)
Package Size100×95×67mm(LxWxH)
Gross Weight170g
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