Live Event

Views: 0     Author: Yuki     Publish Time: 2021-11-07      Origin: Site


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Live Events and Exhibitions

China is vigorously developing its cultural and entertainment industry, and cultural export is not only a good value export for foreign countries, but also domestic cultural export should not be underestimated. From ancient times to the present, China's cultural export form has been changing, from the ancient "goblets of water" to the present large-scale party, concert. Stage construction is a very important part.

In modern times, not only large exhibitions use stage truss to create momentum, indoor and outdoor concerts and large parties also use truss for stage construction. It fits the theme of the party, adds strength to the atmosphere, and with the props for atmosphere rendering, a carnival starts here.

In recent years, the major organizers prefer to adapt the stage truss to build a variety of shapes to fit the theme of the party, and even popular TV series also held concerts related to the theme, real restoration of the classic scenes of the TV series, to achieve the effect of empathy on site.

PNG TRUSS_20210705123208