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Octanorm 8 Way Upright Extrusion With Big Hole

Material: 6063 aluminum alloy. Temper: T3-T8. Surface treatment: Alloy anodized/power coated. Thickness: 2mm. Diameter: 40mm.
  • D-E101-1



Product Description

8 Way Upright Extrusion:

upright extrusion aluminum.jpg

8 Way Upright Extrusion With Big Hole - mate with the beam to connect the panels. With lighter weight, economical price, 8 way upright extrusion with big hole is very common and popular in the world market nowadays. International common standard, sophisticated production technology, reusable to use, green products.

3x3m Exhibition Booth
aluminum shell schme stands

Octanorm offers a clean line appearance designed to enable many upgrades and additional built-in features. It is recognised worldwide and offers near-endless flexibility.

Size: 10X10 feet (3X3 meters)

Material Colour: Silver / black / white / etc.

3x6 Shell Scheme Booth
3x6 shell scheme booth

- a special combination form, larger spaces, and the size is 3000*6000*2500, to meet customers' special needs.

5 Link Booth Back To Back

5 Link Booth Back To Back
- includes 10 booths, the 10 booths share a long back panel, and two adjacent booths share a side panel. In this way, we can save materials, lower the cost, make the booth more cost-effective.

5 Link Booth

5 Link Booth.jpg

- includes 5 side by side booths. The 5 booths share a back panel together, and two adjacent booths share a side panel. It is designed according to customers' requirements, is also an economical way to build booths.

10 Link Booth

10 Link Booth

- same design principle with 5 link booth, occupy more spaces. 

10 Link Booth Back To Back

10 Link Booth Back To Back

 - same design principle with 5 Link Booth Back To Back, welcomed by exhibitors.

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