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Other Accessories for Octanorm System Booth

Our new linear modular exhibition booth system offers fantastic flexibility so you can increase or decrease the size of exhibition stand or display to suite the occasion. Please call one of our display advisers and they will be happy to talk through the best solution for you requirements.
  • Other Exhibition Accessories



Product Description

Exhibition Booth Accessories

Corner Connector

Corner Connector-Can connect 2 beams in different degree. 

cable clamp

Cable Clamp-For upright extrusion system groove 4.3mm. 

Wire way

Cable retaining extrusion-mates with upright extrusion, put the wire inside groove, to make your booth tidy and beautiful.

exhibition use socket adapter

Socket Adapter

Beam Inner Connector

Beam Inner Connector-used to connect the beams from the hole in the beam, which is tighter and safer.


T-Bolt-used to fix the corner retainer or the panel.

Ring hook


Ring hook-mates with Maxima light or the beam, to hang up the graphics or other decorations.

Spot Light Hook

Spot Light Hook-used to hang the spot light to the top of the booth.

Light Box Hook

Light Box Hook-mating with the light box, help to hang and fix the light box.

Corner Retainer

Corner Retainer-used to safe and tightly fix the place where the aluminum profiles connect together directly, very practical.

40mm Beam Top Cap

Beam Top Cap-40mm

50mm Beam Top Cap


used at the top or the end of the beam, for the consideration of safety and beauty. Mating with corresponding beam is necessary.

bottom track

Track For Sliding Door-bottom track

upper track
upper track

used for the sliding door of the reception desk, consisted of upper track and bottom track.

Fabric Frame

Fabric Frame-used to fix the fabric to the frame steady and beautiful. Usually mate with the glue loop and the square profiles.


Hinge-mates with 80mm Maxima light, usually used for special designed structure or shape.

Glass wall claw

Glass wall claw-mates with glass or acrylic sheets with Maxima light.

Showcase lock

Showcase lock-mates showcase beam profiles and upright extrusions. 

Slat wall hook

Slat wall hook-mates with trough plate, to hang up small products. 

exhibition carpet

Exhibition Carpet-different colors and thickness for you to choose from.

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