Pioneer in the application of green, low-carbon and sustainable exhibition materials

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We have been promoting and even leading the reform of every aspect of our advertising and exhibition industry in the Chinese market with the concept of sustainable development, adhering to our company's mission of low-carbon green sustainable development, from office environment, to green control of production materials, then to packaging and transportation and venue construction, we have been adhering to the concept and outline of sustainable development to implement each of our indoor and outdoor advertising digital printing, the overall use of green materials for each booth, and the sustainable application of each event structure and scene construction.

We currently have


Digital Printing Materials, Digital Signage Division (Signs&Digital Printing)

Exhibition SEG booth sales (SEG Frame&SEG solutions)

Stage&Truss,Lighting Sales and Rental

ESG Standards for the transformation and upgrading of the exhibition and event industry

ESG is an abbreviation for Environmental, Social and Governance, which is an investment concept and corporate evaluation standard that focuses on the environmental, social and governance performance of a company rather than its financial performance. Based on ESG evaluation, investors can observe the ESG performance of enterprises, evaluate their investment behavior and the contribution of enterprises (investment objects) in promoting sustainable economic development and fulfilling social responsibility.

At this stage, there is no unified and clear ESG standard or disclosure system in China, and the development time is relatively short, and the scale of asset management is also small, which has a certain gap compared with more developed capital markets. However, driven by the double carbon target, the domestic capital market has a considerable demand for ESG investment, and fields related to ecological protection and low carbon transformation will usher in certain financing demand and investment opportunities.

On August 26, 2021, the first ESG Global Leaders Summit was initiated by Sina Finance ESG Rating Center and co-hosted by CITIC Publishing Group. With the theme of "Focusing on ESG Development, Discussing New Low-carbon Sustainable Future", the summit brought together more than 60 key guests from politics, business and academia who cared about ESG development and discussed 10 important topics such as ESG investment, sustainable development and low-carbon transition.

We believe that in the near future, there will be more and more companies in the industry that attach importance to green and low-carbon sustainable development, and we will make our own contribution to the green and low-carbon transformation and upgrading of the exhibition industry, so that our future will be bluer in blue sky, greener in green mountains, and greener in green water.