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Retail Advertising Display 3D LED Backlit illuminated Letter Sign | LED screen signage | LED illuminated signs

- Interchangeable hanging ‘Slide' letters,numbers, symbol. - Letter height:100mm, 150mm, 200mm - LED light colour: cool white(6500K) - Premium product, 2 years warranty - Recommended use with a surge protected power board. - For INDOOR use only, avoid contact with liquids
  • Creative LED Expression

  • CLE


Truss Description

Retail Advertising Display 3D LED Backlit Letter Sign


Hanging Type LED letters Advantage:<>

  • Easy to assemble. Slide the letters in along the track and plug in the power cord.


  • Easy to disassemble. Even if you misspell the letters, you can quickly take out the letters and rearrange them.


  • Easy to adjust the height of the letters by adjusting the length of the wire


  • Aluminum alloy boom and ABS letters, lighter weight ,safe and reliable



These premium luminous LED signage are suitable for retail shops, business signage, events campaign,

 rearrange letters to spell new words, make them available with new activity, ptomotion and special moments.

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