SEG Backlit Trade Show Display: Cosmetics industry

Views: 0     Author: Yuki     Publish Time: 2021-11-12      Origin: Site


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The cosmetics industry is an ever-popular industry, the love of beauty, everyone has. People don't let external factors change their desire to be beautiful. San Juan Beauty Show Inc. is an international company established in San Juan, PR in 1997. The San Juan Beauty Show is the largest beauty industry event in the Caribbean area. Unique in its class, the San Juan Unique in its class, the San Juan Beauty show promotes new products and developments in the salon and beauty field and makes them available for professionals and non-professionals alike in an international environment. Distributors, educators, and celebrities from all around the world come to Puerto Rico once a year to participate, Distributors, educators, and celebrities from all around the world come to Puerto Rico once year to participate, promote their products and enrich the local scene (show profile). In order to stand out from the crowd, it is important to have an excellent booth set up in addition to the hard product requirements.

Mirta de Perales is a cosmetic company based in the United States with a wide range of cosmetic brands. This time, Mirta de Perales worked closely with our company (Shanghai CHLEH Exhibit Industry Co.,Ltd) and used a high-quality pop-up backlit lightbooth to build their booth. 5*8 ft and 10*8 ft pop-up backlit displays were used to perfectly show the exhibits to the public.

The new design of the backlit SEG pop up display stand is based on the traditional velcro pop up frame, and connected bars, fitting silicon edge textile graphic, importantly, with LED-backlit inside Lightweight aluminum profile, clever connection design to unfold the folded aluminum frame, choose the right accessories, use soft and smooth hut high strength, high tear resistance heat transfer graphics to show the brand and products. Foldable aluminum profile, a bag can take away, one person can unfold, both easy to carry and save the installation cost, high-definition light box cloth will show the product perfectly. With quality appearance conditions, how can you lack lighting? According to the characteristics of the product, with the right position of the light bar, the moment you light up the lightbox, you are the most dazzling existence of the exhibition.