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SEG Frame

(SEG) Silicone Edge Graphics Tension Fabric Frames. 

What Are SEG Frames?

SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) are dye-sublimation printed fabric with silicone edge. The silicone edge is designed to be inserted into the groove of the aluminum extrusion.

The aluminum frames are called SEG frames. The system is called SEG system. Many people also name this system as TFS (Tension Fabric System). Actually they are the same system with SEG fabric and aluminum frames.

SEG/TFS light boxes are backlit or edge lit with LED strips fixed on the back board or aluminum frame. The fabrics are different for backlit and non-lit frames. It is important to know if the graphic will be backlit or non-lit before ordering your fabric.

A wide range of aluminum frames are made for SEG Fabric Graphics.

Wall Mounted Super Slim SEG Frame

The ultra-thin frame which is only 0.65’’ thick, light guide panel and SEG fabric makes the perfect wall mounted led light box for retail shops or commercial environments. We offer frame thickness from 0.65’’ to 1.89’’ with light guide panels. It looks modern and elegant. It is a new trend compared with traditional snap frame LED light box.

Free Standing Large Format SEG Frames

Free standing large format SEG frames are often seen on the trade show, events, and conferences. They can be used as space dividers, exhibition or conference backdrops, etc. 17’/5.1m high and 50’/15m long frame is not a problem for us. For the single side frames without feet, we can install the frames on the wall. They can be used as signage, window display, wall murals, etc.

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Suspended SEG Corner Frames

The suspended SEG frame signage is a new trend in the exhibition. It makes your brand impressive and your booth stands out in the hall. Illuminated Backlit Hanging signs are ideal for trade shows as they can be seen throughout the exhibit space, and it catches much more attention from the visitors.

SEG Frame LED Vedio Walls

nnovative modular LED screen display. HD50 is a revolutionary product for retails, commercial environments, showroom, and exhibition industry. HD50 brings about endless creative opportunities and guarantees fast building and a seamless look of your experience place. Developed to be used indoors and custom made to be integrated in our existing SEG fabric frames.

The LED wall tile size is 480x480mm. Modular tiles can be made up to different size LED video walls.

SEG Tension Fabric Light Box Application