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SEG Lightbox Exhibition Booth Systems in 2022

Booth system includes:Backlit wall,Backlit Module,Backlit Bar Counter,Backlit Counter

Backlit wall Light-Box Dimensions:30×8ft

Total Gross Weight:580KG

Material:Aluminum,Plastic,Stretch Fabric Image and Edge LED Lighting

Graphics Replacement:Available

Packing:Flight Case





Product Description

SEG is a new designer style backlit trade show display system that provides you with a beautifully simple way to make your booth stand out from the competition. Tradeshow Backlit Displays allows you to create a memorable experience for attendees by creating immersive visual environments that entice them with interesting colors. Exhibition light booth is a perfect solution for exhibitors to display the products. We offer various size and types of LED Lightbox for your promotion, exhibition, tradeshow and brand promotion. We are one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of Backlit Trade show booth. We have professional factory, good quality, reasonable prices and nice service. If you need any help, please contact us. 


Flight Case

Are you still worrying about carrying a heavy stand with you? Why not choose a flight case instead?




1. What material is the light box made of?

The frame and buckles of the light box are made of aluminum alloy, and the light bar fasteners and connectors are made of plastic.


2. What scenarios is the light box suitable for?

This is a large size pull mesh light box that can be used to display your advertisements on one or both sides. It is suitable for indoor signs; large-scale exhibitions or commercial promotions; background wall promotion in shopping malls, banks, hotels, hotels, etc.; mobile billboards.


3.I need a large background display wall, what should I do if the existing light box is not large enough?

Our light boxes can be spliced. Multiple light boxes are spliced together by plastic links installed on the side to form a large background display wall. The spliced part can no longer install the side screen.


4. What is the working voltage of the light bar?

The LED light bar adopts a built-in transformer, which can work normally under the voltage of 110v-220v.


5.What are the characteristics of the light bar?

Just press the light bar into the plastic fastener and it will automatically snap. The top and bottom of the frame where the light bar is installed belong to the side light source, and it is not easy to display the shadow of the frame on the screen. The light bar installation does not require any tools, which is convenient and quick. The built-in transformer can save the installation and maintenance of the transformer.


6. Is the light box easy to carry?

The main frame adopts hollow aluminum alloy tube, which is light in weight. If you want to change the display place, it is convenient to move the position. If it is a floor with a lot of friction, such as a carpet, you can remove part of the screen, grab the internal structure of the frame with your hands, and you can easily lift it up (large: 3x3 4x3 requires two people; small: 1x3 2x3 one person can )


7.Is the light box easy to carry?

We provide you with an oxford bag with a sewn cloth handle that folds the frame and puts it in. (A 4x3 or 3x3 has two oxford bags for the frame and buckles. 1x3 or 2x3 provides an oxford bag for all the parts and frames)


8.What are the features of the screen and how to install it?

This light box uses Silicone Strip Graphics (SEG), the picture will extend to the edge of the frame, forming a frameless painting background display wall. Silicone strips are sewn around the screen. When installing, just snap the silicone strip into the groove of the light box frame. The combination of the picture and the frame is very close, you must first click into the picture from the four corners of the frame, and then the surrounding area of the frame.


9.Do you provide digital printing service?

We have a dedicated dust-free printing workshop and have many years of screen production experience. We have a one-stop service, providing not only the frame of the light box, but also the printing of the picture of the light box. What you buy will be a complete light box with a picture, no need to go outside to find a supplier of the picture.





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