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SEG Printing

Silicone Edge Graphic Printing(Brand vision is an important international language).

What Are SEG Frames?

Choosing a printed backdrop can create a deep impression or set a suitable atmosphere. Whether you want to decorate the venue, inform the event theme, highlight the new product brand, or just want to prepare a beautiful canvas printing backdrop for the office, there are infinite possibilities.



How do SEG Printers Work?

CHLEH silicone edge graphics start with fabric specially designed for the purpose. The material must allow vibrant color and excellent graphic details reproduction, Be wrinkle resistant, and allow installation under tension.


The SEG printed graphic should be sewn with silicone strips, then to be inserted into groove on the frame, and pull and fit easily. This unique finishing and installation method results in a graphic with virtually no frame border.


Not everyone is capable of producing SEG graphics due to the tight production tolerances that are required. Special care must be taken to ensure the correct finished size. That’s why we use advanced laser cutting system to ensure the size precision.

Benefits of SEG Graphics

The decision to utilize SEG for your graphics affords you a modern, borderless, wrinkle-free display solution. Additionally, silicone edge graphics are glare-free due to the use of fabric textiles as opposed to vinyl or PET films. Dye-sublimation printed textiles are easily folded, reducing package size and associated transportation costs. 
The graphics are intended to provide years of use and are convenient to change based on season, promotions.


1.Our SEG prints fit general aluminum or extruded plastic frames, not only ours

2.Print Quality: Dye-sublimation printing dyes the image into the fabric. There is no ink on the surface to crack or peel. You get durable, vibrant prints for a front or backlit side.
3.Modern Look - SEG graphics are the ideal choice to keep the focus on your message creating the impact you need.
4.No Visible Sewing
5.Lightweight - Fabric is lighter weight and more durable than tradition UV or solvent printed graphics.

What is sublimation printing?

Dye sublimation is actually a form of heat transfer.
When time is tight, sublimation printing is a good choice. It is suitable for a backdrop made of 100% polyester, which can be illuminated from back and front.
The printing machine has an adhesive conveyor belt, so it can be printed on stretch fabrics and mesh fabrics. It converts the solid dye into gas and directly injects it into the fabric. The printed background fabric will maintain a specific look and feel.

What is UV printing?

The speed and accuracy of this printing press are excellent. No matter you choose the backlit or front lit backdrop, you can print high-quality images at high speed. 

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About Stretch Fabric

The stretch fabric we developed is suitable for you. Its width is super wide and flexible enough. It can not only build any shape, but also can be used as a projection screen. It can customize colors and dye sublimation printing, highlight the personalized appearance, and match the lighting effect Strengthen the dynamic color, both sides can be polished, and the unique 3m width of the elastic cloth can be seamlessly extended to 5m.

Artwork Requirements

  • 1.Design should be in CMYK form. 
  • 2.PDF file is preferred, AI, PS, PSD, CDR, JPG, PNG files are also acceptable.
  • 3.150dpi is the ideal resolution. 72dpi to 300 dpi is also ok for us.
  • 4.The artwork should be designed in the same size as the frame.