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School Use Aluminium Portable Folding Stage on Wheels for Sale

Stage Frame Material: 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Size: 1mx1m,1.22mx1.22m,1.22x2.44m or customized. Adjustable Height: 0.35-0.45m, 0.4-0.6m or custom. Max loading: 900kgs square meter. Main tube:50x3mm. Feature: foldable, easy to transport, fast setup and disassembly. Application:school stage, event stage, performance stage, celebration stage,concert stage,wedding stage.
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Stage Specification

Portable Folding Stage on Wheels


Stage Platform Size 1mx1m,1.22mx1.22m,1.22x2.44m or customized
Stage Height 0.35-0.45m, 0.4-0.6m or custom
Stage Main Tube 50x3mm
Application Events,party,show,concert,hotel,outdoor activies etc.
Load Capacity 900kgs
Warranty 3  years

Aluminum alloy anti-riot bar, mainly used in the concert / large-scale performance environment to control the crowd channel, isolated areas, or to protect important people or equipment, but also suitable for large-scale professional tourism, large-scale activities and so on. Mainly as a temporary fence role

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