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Silicone Edge Graphic Round Ceiling Advertising Lightbox

• Easy to assemble • Interchangeable tensioned fabric graphics • High-impact visual effect • Illuminated (optional)
  • Hanging Sign



Product Description


A durable frame, can be black, white, red, it can be what color as you want.

A fabric, can be blank white, printed solid-colored, printed colorful, it can be anything you want it to be.

An LED, can be cool white, warm yellow, RGBW, it can change easily with the latest LED technologies.

A frame, a fabric combined with the latest LED technologies, hang it in your house to light your home pleasantly, hang it in your office to make a special experience for you during working time, hang it in a shop to make it more fashionable...It can create different atmospheres as you can imagine.

See easy set-up video


Material Light Source Packing Graphics Replacement Printing Feature
Aluminum frame,led,ACP RGB Light Carton case Available Dye sublimation/UV Fast setup,illuminated,eco-friendly

round hanging sign               

decoration hanging sign      

Protective Flight Case

Are you still worrying about carrying a heavy stand with you? Why not choose a flight case instead?

A flight case is perfect for transportation and popular among kinds of trade shows and events.

Strong panels with thick foam can protect frames with LED lights inside well, wheels at bottom will free your hands, both you and your stand deserves one!

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