Sorry but We Could Not Quote You without Confirming Product Information

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2014-08-01      Origin: Site


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Sorry but we could not quote you without confirming product information
These days, I have been trying to provide a good solution for one of my customers, but until now, I have not found a good one. Story happened in this way:
Ok, to make the story have a better beginning, let us call him Jack for the moment.
One day, Jack sent me an inquiry, asked me to provide a quotation for 40 mm square profiles, but we did not know the length and quantity he need. Then I asked him to provide the required information to us. However, I only got an answer like this: size 1800 mm wide, 500 mm deep, 2000 mm tall, which made me very confused. Then we talked about this in the following emails, but did not get a result. I really want to help him, but it still need to take some time, I think.
So communication of the product is very important. Only in this way, can we work out the needs of our customers, and then provide a suitable solution. 
Luckily, the communication between Jack and I is still going on, I believe there will have a result as long as we work on it!