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Square Type Hanging Sign and Ceiling Banners For Trade Show Exhibit

In addition to a well-designed trade show booth, trade show hanging signs are another great way to grab the attention of attendees. These signs are usually hung from the ceiling and can be seen from a distance. Trade show hangers can be used to showcase your brand logo, product images and other promotional information. When integrated with your trade show booth
  • Hanging Sign


  • C-H004


Product Description

Tradeshow Graphic Hanging Signs Square Ceiling Banners 


More Hanging Sign Size


Hanging Sign Application

hanging signs application

Suspended Ceiling Hanging Signs are used for trade show, exhibition, events, party, advertising, promotion and so on.

which can show your brand, logo, company, shop well.they can be assembled into different size according to customers' request.

Installation Diagram

square hanging signs installation

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