The Latest Innovation Let Helps Exhibition Industry Bounce Back Quickly

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-05      Origin: Site


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SEG backlit stands help improve the overall exhibition and event environments in these years,especially after pandemic time, and we focus low carbon and user experience,and create more simple and pleasant communications environments to keep improving customer experiences to restart and reopen the whole world business.


SEG frames addressed all of these limitations. The new system employed a single and double sides lightweight printed fabric graphic with flat pieces of silicone sewn into the edges, which could be easily inserted into a narrow groove around an aluminum frame. This resulted in a clean, seamless graphic that was easy to ship, store, and install.

Silicone Edge Graphic frames proved easy to customize with multiple configurations and LED lighting options, which only served to speed up their adoption. SEG fabric frames soon began replacing traditional panel systems and pop-up displays. SEG frames represented an evolutionary leap from these older graphics systems.

In short order, Silicone Edge Graphics began to spread from their prominent role at events and trade shows into many other industries for which signage is essential, including the hospitality space, airports, stadiums and arenas, and widely throughout the exhibition,events and retail environment.