The Trade Show is Progressing

Views: 0     Author: Yuki     Publish Time: 2023-07-16      Origin: Site


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In today's era of rapid development of high technology, the relationship between people's lives and high-tech products is getting closer and closer. Real-life vr glasses, robot dogs, VR environment simulation, AI painting, ChatGPT, etc., will always bring people a very novel feeling. It will also make people want to try.

As a large-scale exhibition in the field of interactive bowling, the exhibitors of Bowl Expo recommended and launched new products by all means. A variety of high-tech products were introduced. LAI Games, the global leader in outdoor entertainment, is officially launching its highly anticipated Asphalt 9 virtual reality arcade game at the show, which will showcase its innovative VR racing experience to bowling industry professionals.

On the show floor, you'll be able to experience heart-pounding virtual reality racing competitions to your heart's content. While you're lining up for the experience, you can also take a brief look at the fabric lightboxes set up at the show booth.



The game scene images printed on the trade show booth, as well as the TVs embedded in it, will allow you to enjoy the game in advance while waiting, with anticipation drawn out.

Even passers-by who are strolling through the exhibition can be attracted in and participate in it when passing by!

Technology is innovating, the show is progressing, and we want to be happy!