Trade Show in China

Views: 0     Author: Yuki     Publish Time: 2021-10-31      Origin: Site


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An exhibition is a promotional activity to showcase products and technologies, expand channels, promote sales, and spread brands. China's exhibition industry has been in a sustainable state of development, and even during the epidemic when large exhibitions could not be held, China has been seeking a new form of exhibition. For example, China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as Canton Fair) has adopted the method of the online exhibition and established an online exhibition hall for enterprises. It successfully realized that exhibitors do not meet offline and communicate and deal online. It not only effectively avoids the gathering of a large number of people offline, but also well protects the communication and commodity trading between exhibitors. Of course, there are still some regrets in the online exhibitions, as exhibitors cannot communicate with each other face to face and touch the real goods, which will also bring some influence on the trade of the exhibition. With the successful research of domestic vaccines and their smooth implementation. Offline exhibitions are also gradually issued and developed.

Meanwhile, along with online exhibitions, China's live economy has also risen. There were exhibitions about live communication also in July and September, in Shanghai. Our company also carried our SEG luminous booth to participate in these two exhibitions, we combined the experience of photographers and scientific principles to design the adjustable backlighting SEG lightbox booth and a series of rapid background replacement SEG background products, including SEG LED large screen products together, caused a sensation in the industry, the exhibition people of a cross-border attempt did also promote the live broadcast equipment and live broadcast economy in China Rapid development.

China trade shows are in full swing, and other types of shows are not far behind. Domestic car shows, cartoon shows, attract large crowds of people. Involving the interests of different age groups, the domestic trade show situation is booming. What's more, the strict control of the country is such that there has not been a single case of infection at the show yet. This not only increases the confidence for the show organizers to hold the show but also adds some security for the nationals to attend the show. As a foreign trade company, Lushang not only pays close attention to domestic exhibitions but also keeps an eye on the status of foreign exhibitions. The global epidemic is still under control, and some international exhibitions are still in the stage of delay or cancellation. However, there are still some foreign exhibitions held as scheduled, and foreign exhibitors purchase our exhibition stands, design brand images, and make wonderful appearances at the exhibitions. In addition to the sales of SEG exhibition stands, our ABCMIX free luminous characters were also presented at the Shanghai Commercial Space Exhibition (link to the exhibition), with a wide range of applications involving booths, events, brand chains, etc. There is a great market demand at home and abroad. The epidemic is still there, but I believe we will overcome it eventually with the active cooperation of the country and the people. The exhibition is already recovering, and China's exhibition economy will be brilliant in the end.