Upcoming Event: WVS London 10-11 Dec 2021

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Upcoming Event:WVS London 10-11 Dec 2011.

Vape Industry Big Events Excel London in 2021.

WVS Dubai 2021 is now closed but a big thank you to all of you who were involved,and next show will be happened in London,the world leading financial centre and global business hub.

Heavily supported by the UK government as a heathier alternative to traditional cigarettes and an effective cessation tool,the UK vaping industry has experienced meteoric growth,Over 2000 retail outlets and a burgeoning e commerce industry,has driven one of the fastest growing customer goods sector of this centry.

As a professional exhibition stand manufacturer,we were involved in Vape industry brand trade show booth design and production since 2017.


We served more than 10 brands from USA,Canada,New Zealand Vape Oil industry,designed and produced more than 15 types backlit trade show display to assist the brands grow business in the exhibition.

In recent years, people's awareness of health has gradually increased, and e-cigarettes are gradually replacing tobacco to meet people's smoking needs. For this exhibition, the client designed an arch-shaped double-sided cardboard booth based on the outer packaging of their own e-cigarette brand. When you step into the booth, you feel like a part of the product and experience the feeling brought by the product.

Want to have the same high standard exhibition booth?