Why We Call It Segbooth?

Views: 0     Author: Yuki     Publish Time: 2021-10-31      Origin: Site


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SEG full name is silicone edge graphics, is a new popular decorative materials and friendly and fast display installation. The product integrates the currently popular environmental protection heat transfer technology, and the printing substrate is made of seemingly traditional textile fabric, but it is a new form of expression, which can be divided into translucent material, opaque material, light box cloth material, etc., with different scenes of grid application.

In recent years, the cost of exhibition is getting higher and higher, and the pollution and material waste of booth construction link is also getting more and more serious. No matter the government, association, or exhibitors are eager to understand and use new environmental protection materials, fast and friendly installation methods, while also maintaining the best brand proclamation image. This is where SEGBOOTH, a personalized light-emitting booth using proven LED and printing technologies, is rapidly gaining ground. As of 2020 our company's luminous SEGBOOTH is not only widely used in the domestic exhibition market, but has also been successfully exported to more than 20 countries in Europe and America, helping hundreds of international brands to present their exhibition exhibits wonderfully.

Especially in foreign exhibitions where most of the booths are used, a gorgeous and colorful light-emitting booth can instantly attract the attention of most exhibitors and exhibitors. The printed pictures of your company's products on the booth, with specially designed LED light strips to hit the light, will deliver your product information to your customers at the first time, and add a touch of convenience to your subsequent communication.

At the same time SEGBOOTH's environmental friendly feature also adds a lot of convenience to the use of the exhibition, one set of profile can be matched with multiple sets of images, just need to print new heat transfer images in different exhibitions to complete a brand new appearance. This not only provides convenience for exhibitors to build, but also contributes to the environmental protection of the show.