Custom Backlit SEG Backdrop Light Box with double Sided Full Color Glow Graphics

Views: 0     Author: Mike Li     Publish Time: 2022-05-08      Origin: Site


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Custom Backlit SEG Backdrop Light Box with double Sided Full Color Glow Graphics

Meeting means business

The fair is revitalized almost in a different city There is a fair every day in 2022.

An industry exhibition is held in different countries and at different times in different cities, especially with cross-border products, and you can even participate in any kind of exhibition

However, with the increase of exhibitions, various costs related to the exhibition remain high, especially the design and construction of booths bring cost and time pressure to exhibitors

Therefore, a standard and fast booth is the expectation of many exhibitors. Such a booth has obvious standard customization and customization and standardization characteristics. Many of our customers have given us many reviews, but they are full of praise and make their brands become The highlights of the audience and even the model booth

Check out the reviews below from one of our musical instrument show customers


This is 30✖️30 exhibition booth including a total of three products

An arched structure

trade show booth

A super high fabric display tower

fabric display tower

A tool-free information display stand

vertical trade show display

Another highlight of this booth is that according to the design style and content of the customer's poster, we recommended black coated aluminum profiles, and the customer gave us great praise

Banner 用 黑色型材要贴反光膜

At the same time, this booth can also be used for 1020, 2020, 2030, 3030 booth area and can be used for touring exhibitions anywhere. It is because of the combination and portability of this booth.

Meanwhile,can you believe that such a beautiful, high-end booth could fit in a flight case like the one below, but for our booth, we made it easy


We can provide frame profiles in various sizes, colors, and even graffiti, from large-span background quick assembly booths to stand-alone tool-free display racks (can be used instead of roll-up banners)

With its simplicity, elegance, quick construction, and green environmental protection, this kind of booth has become an application trend of booths and exhibition halls for corporate promotion.

Especially after the exhibition, it can be completely re-installed and placed in the exhibition hall of the enterprise. It has been widely adopted by food exhibition entertainment equipment exhibition, electronic cigarette exhibition and commercial space exhibition since 2015

It is our mission to make the world exciting and the brand more exciting. We hope that our booth will be enough for more brands to see and use!