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  • Q What if I need a specific truss design for my project?

    A At Shanghai CHLEH, the only limit to truss construction is your imagination. Whatever truss type you need – we have the expertise and design software to bring it to life. Our truss design experts work with your exact loading specifications to consistently provide you with precision built, custom trusses.
  • Q Is experience necessary for installing roof trusses?

    A No. Framing with roof trusses can be done by any skilled building professional. And, installing roof trusses requires less carpentry labor, which eliminates the need to hire people with specialized trades. Increasing productivity without adding laborers has never been this easy.
  • Q Are roof trusses more reliable than conventional framing methods?

    A Roof trusses bring a quality to framing that stick built homes just don’t possess. Built in a quality controlled environment for accuracy, Southern Truss delivers premium wood trusses everyday – regardless of weather conditions. Manufactured to the highest tolerances, Southern Truss’s roof trusses are built to last.
  • Q What are roof trusses?


    Roof trusses are structural building components used in residential and commercial roof construction. Typically, wood trusses are characterized by their triangular shape and are constructed by securing pieces of lumber together with metal fastener plates.